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Spa etiquette & recommendations
Towels and bathrobes

During your stay you will have bath towels and robe. A children’s bathrobe is prepared for the kids. In the sauna area there are unlimited towels for changing.

Adults only-Sauna landscape

The sauna area is reserved exclusively for guests over 16 years of age. Children and teenagers have no access.


Our pool is open to all Haven residents without restriction. This means non-stop splashing ⎯ but without spoiling the fun for others.

Children at the pool

The Haven is a Mountain Retreat and thus a homey retreat where everyone can relax undisturbed. Therefore, the pool freedom of the children stops where it restricts the freedom of others. Pool toys and jumping off the edge of the pool therefore get a veto from us.

Bath slippers

For the sake of the environment, we do not use disposable slippers and therefore ask you to bring your own bathing shoes. Alternatively, flip-flops are available at the reception for € 3.50.

Thank you for taking the time to warm up to our house customs. It is of special concern to us that the Haven is a homey alpine retreat for all.

Yours, Julia, hostess