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Autumn in Haven - a real highlight

There’s no question that Salzburger Land is postcard-perfect all year round. But fall tops it all. The nature? In the most beautiful riot of color. The light? Soft and golden like honey. The views? Breathtaking every day. The climate? Super stable and healthy. On top of that, it’s harvest time and the whole of Austria is in a party mood. Use this super sensual time of year to recharge your happiness reserves to the max before winter sets in. With your sweetheart, friends or even your dog. There’s nothing better.

The alpine fall is a real power bank

Be sure to treat your body and mind to a spa getaway in the mountains in the fall. The climatic conditions plus exercise in nature allow your body to calm down and at the same time set a lot of vitalizing processes in motion.

Stem cell production, fat burning and cell renewal run at full speed, tensions ease – the immune system consolidates, energy flows freely again. In addition, the altitude-related oxygen boost ensures restful sleep, a radiant complexion and a feeling of lightness that lasts for weeks!

Your fall benefits
  • Herbie hiking shuttle // 5x per week**
  • Cable car hiking by Bergbahnen Alpendorf on the doorstep*
  • Golf for free on the 18-hole OPEN GOLF St. Johann** course
  • Adventure sports concierge service
  • Yoga-Kurse von Nature&Paradise*
  • Yoga-Classes by Sonnhof Alpendorf**
  • Free ascent & descent bookable from 4 nights in combination with a package
  • Mozart city Salzburg only 70 km away
Unlimited relaxation

Autumn is also the best time for MeTimes and relaxed cocooning. At Haven, you have endless scope for this. Outside, a wonderfully meditative fall atmosphere awaits you. In our multi-room apartments, you can celebrate kitchen parties and barbecue orgies on the balcony, enjoy movie sessions in the lounge or spend the whole day in bed. Alternatively, you can unwind in our stylish adults-only sauna world or in the heated rooftop pool with 360° mountain views. Culinary indulgences await you in our rooftop restaurant deck7. By the way: November is our yoga month and therefore the best opportunity for a spiritual break.

to the adventure cloud
Feast for gourmets

At harvest time, the whole of Austria is on a culinary high. Wild mushrooms, pumpkin, cabbage and game specialties as well as new wines are on the menu. You can either buy these yourself in hand-picked stores and markets and prepare them at home, try your hand at the many award-winning restaurants in the area or indulge yourself in the beautiful ambience of our restaurant. Either way, your autumn vacation will be a treat.

Rooftop-restaurant deck7

From stroller-friendly walks right outside the door, leisurely picnic tours, alpaca & cable car hikes to alpine hikes, high-altitude hiking trails and three-thousand-metre ascents. There’s simply nothing in this area that we don’t offer. Our service from the hotel: the free Herbie hiking shuttle.

our favorite hikes
E-Bike & MTB

With or without an E, high alpine or leisurely cycling, by cable car, on single trails, picnic biking, with swimming, cultural or culinary highlights. Name it and we’ll tell you where to go.

Our favorite tours
Racing bike

On mountain roads with little traffic in the neighborhood or in the Salzburg lake region. The highlight: the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, which takes you through protected picture-book nature to the highest peak in Austria.

RAcing bike tours

You can practice and play for free on our 9-hole  OPEN Golf of course. You can even play without a license. There are also 18 other golf courses within a 60-90 minute drive. With the GOLF ALPIN CARD, you can also enjoy low green fees.

our activityprogram

Im Appartement, in den Yoga Studios vom Sonnhof und Oberforsthof, auf der open air-Plattform am Hahnbaum, mit Personal Trainer oder auch mit Viktoria bei Nature & Paradise.

unser Freizeitprogramm

With Thanksgiving feasts, customs are also booming in the fall. People everywhere celebrate as if there were no tomorrow – and you are cordially invited to join them. The traditional party series with hundreds of events is known far beyond Austria’s borders as the “Salzburger Bauernherbst”. Take advantage of the varied program and let pure Austrian joie de vivre get under your skin from the end of August to October.

Salzburger Bauernherbst
Freedom as you liked it

The Haven combines the freedom of a cabin vacation with the comfort of a luxury hotel. You can adapt every day spontaneously to your needs. Sometimes completely self-determined with complete privacy in nature and cooking for yourself. Another time the full pampering program with wellness in our design sauna world, beauty & massage in the sister hotel opposite and a 24/7 culinary pampering program in deck 7. The choice is yours. Whenever, whatever.